View of a planet in outer space with a rocket flying past it. There are lines of code around the planet and in the flames of the rocket, representing rings or fumes.

Let Developers Be Developers

Developers Can’t Do It All

The Evidence

Exhibit A:

An error message that says, An error has occurred while processing your request. Please try again or contact the support department and supply them below error code. The error code is 100. In red text, a message says, Error: Either client or user’s detail is invalid. Please contact system administrator.
Sorry, what? This error message might make sense to the developer, but non-technical users will have zero idea what to do next.

Exhibit B:

A series of lists. Each item in the list are blue to indicate they are links. The lists are not categorized well and the headings are varying colors.
All these links all function as expected. But there is no content prioritization, no sensical layout, and no visual design to speak of.

Exhibit C:

A screen to verify individual tax income. There are two required fields. One of them has a yellow help message that says, Required. Format: L99999999.
Thank goodness there are links to FAQs and tutorials to “help” make sense of this baffling screen.

Exhibit D:

View of a screen providing instructions. At the top of the screen is a red heading. On the page is varying instructions, including a space that has extra instructions in all caps.
Odds are, no one reads these instructions—instructions that wouldn’t even be necessary if the available actions were straightforward and intelligible.

Four Examples Among Thousands More

Redefining “Development Team”

Expanding Your Team

Relieve Your Developers

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