A lightbulb full of water.

Digital Product Ideas That Sound Brilliant at First But Lead to Ruin

Not-So-Bright Digital Product Ideas

An ad from 1922 for electrified water. A woman holds her hands in a bowl of water that’s connected to a contraption. The ad says, “For the morning after, placing the hands in a bowl of electrified water is said by physicians to be a sure cure for headaches. The water is electrified by means of a simple apparatus.”
Source: Washington Times, October 6, 1922 — Image courtesy of the Library of Congress

Tempting, Terrible Ideas

Find everything in three clicks.

Give users what they want.

Offer customization as a key benefit.

Heed stakeholder opinion.

Offer more features than your competitors.

Provide comprehensive help.

Don’t Waste Time Electrifying Water

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