Creating Internal Digital Products Your Team Will Actually Like to Use

Bad Internal User Experience is Bad for Business

Hard-to-use internal apps don’t serve the business purposes they were created to serve.

The Costs of Bad UX

  • Increased Training — Time is wasted training and retraining employees how to use the tools.
  • Poor Efficiency — Bad interfaces make common tasks overly cumbersome. Two-minute tasks take ten minutes to complete.
  • Rework — Hours are lost entering duplicate data because two systems that should talk to each other can’t.
  • Lack of Consistency — When each system behaves differently, users slow down.
  • Faster Obsolescence — Apps get outdated and eventually only work on one old, depreciated browser you keep on a single company machine.
  • Extra Maintenance — Extra time from IT for maintaining poorly designed systems.
  • Work-Arounds — People will avoid badly designed systems like the plague. They will spend an inordinate amount of time creating and using hacks for systems, apps, or processes they hate.
  • Opportunity Cost — Time wasted on managing frustrating interfaces could be better spent doing something productive.

Creating Something Better

Creating Internal Tools People Love to Use

Secret 1: Talk to and observe users.

Don’t assume you know the answers just because you work with these people.

Secret 2: Don’t let developers create systems for, well, developers.

Secret 3: Create a suite of apps.

It’s possible this will be the first time anyone in your company has looked at your apps as a whole.

Secret 4: Test your solutions.

Secret 5: Design for multiple devices, no matter what.

This sounds like a lot of work. It is. But it will save you hundreds of hours (and a ton of money) later.

Secret 6: Don’t slap on updates.

Secret 7: Your team members are people too.

So Go Do It

Well thought out internal digital products will save you big money in areas like maintenance, efficiency, modernization, and change control.

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